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Oct 23, 2010 · Poker is probably the most controversial topic in gaming when it comes to the gambling or skill debate. Anytime money is involved, poker is gambling, except at the same time it must be considered a sport because results can be skewed based on the players skill levels and ability to read other opponents. Poll:do you consider poker a sport? | Yahoo Answers Nov 10, 2011 · Yahoo Canada Answers Sign in Sign in Mail ⚙ Help Account Info; Help; Send Feedback Why are Poker players RUDE? | Yahoo Answers Mar 06, 2009 · Hey all i was just board and decided to watch a Sports show called Poker After Dark on channel 4 and all the Poker players do is stack their chips and when they want to give it to the dealer they throw the chips at the dealer, What is the point of stacking them for 10 Min and than throw it at a person whos just doing their job. This alone should make US gov rethink Pokers right as a sport. is poker a waste of time? | Yahoo Answers May 30, 2012 · I love the game of poker and other casino games but to me it seems like a waste of time. I mean for example if you are wanting to invest and make quick cash (not a living). I rather play a good game of blackjack or craps. If I was going to play poker it would be the tournaments. But I look at alot of these famous celebrated poker players and think how they keep winning.

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In a THM exclusive, PokerStars Team Pro Liv Boeree took time to answer questions submitted by you on our forum. You were many to participate and for thisDo you follow any sports teams? You seem to be very active away from the poker table and wondered if you followed many sports? No, not at all. What Scientists Have Learned From Studying Poker Players Playing poker puts the human brain into turbo gear. Over the past several years, researchers in a variety of different academic fields have recognized this notion and turned to poker as a model for understanding complex decision making. In other words, poker players can make phenomenal lab rats.

Another thing poker has going for it, sports-wise, is that ESPN and the Fox Sports Network both cover it regularly, and magazines like ESPN The Magazine and Sports Illustrated both write about it. (Of course, SI once regularly covered bridge and yachting, too, but it seems unkind to make too much of that.)

Is playing poker a sport? | drmarkgriffiths Personally, I don’t view poker as a sport even though skill is quite clearly involved in playing. However, chance still has a part to play.Sean Carroll from University of Chicago goes a little further. He thinks that the secret of the allure (and challenge) of poker is that it’s a game of incomplete information. SportAccord Looking To Accept Poker as a Sport |… The International Federation of Poker's Match Poker may soon be recognized as a sport by SportsAccord.Match Poker is the brainchild of the IFP, which they classify as a team sport incorporating regular Texas hold'em. Teams are split across several tables, with one player from each... Is Poker a sport? The question of whether poker is a sport splits many experts.In sports, you have to train hard to be better than the others and nothing else, which is also applicable to poker. Professional poker players work hard on their game and spend a lot of time analyzing other players and adjusting their strategy. Poker Quizzes Online, Trivia, Questions & Answers -…

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How to Identify Poker Bots. Online poker players sometimes ask about How to Identify Poker Bots. If you’ve been hitting the online poker tables then you’ve probably heard the term “Poker Bot”. But what exactly is a “poker bot”? It is a program designed to make automatic decisions when playing poker. Sportsbook Poker VIP Program - Online Poker » Sportsbook Poker » VIP Program. Sportsbook is a relatively new poker site. For years it existed as a sports betting site and online casino. Much of its player base is drawn from the casino and betting areas of the site, so the poker competition is considered relatively soft. Sito Poker online???????? | Yahoo Answers stavo pensando di fare qualke soldo giocando a poker online xké conosco uno ke é un deficiente totale é con questo ce campa però premetto ke le unike volte ke ho giocato a poker texas oldhem (o come ***** si scrive) sono state con quel gioco stupido dove ci sono i cowboy quindi mi serve un buon sito internet ke nn sia pokerstars o robe simili e un modo x diventare un super esperto tipo ... Is poker a sport? | Yahoo Answers Best Answer: The answer is: absolutely not. To me, sports require physical skill, strength, and endurance. Poker doesn't even come close to having any of these attriubutes. There is nothing worse than turning on ESPN and seeing "the World Series of Poker" , or something along those lines. Don't get me wrong ...